Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial Supplies

BioMedical Recovery Systems can also provide you with janitorial supplies for your facility.

Janitorial Supplies

Whether you use our janitorial services, or whether your own employees do the cleaning at your facility, BioMedical Recovery Systems can provide you with basic janitorial supplies, as long as you are a customer for one of our many services.
Janitorial supplies we can provide include:

reddot50Floor mats


reddot52 Brooms

reddot53 And more

reddot54 Towels

reddot55 Trash bags

reddot56Toilet paper

reddot57Soap for soap dispensers

reddot58Paper towels

reddot59 Air fresheners

These basic janitorial supplies can help you keep your facility clean until your next cleaning visit is scheduled. If you have your own employees doing the cleaning, it may not be up to industry standards. And it is also taking away time from what they would normally be doing. If this is the case, consider contacting us for a free quote on our janitorial services.

Call to Order and Schedule Delivery of Janitorial Supplies

To reiterate, we can provide janitorial supplies for current clients only. You don’t have to be a janitorial services client, but you do have to be an existing customer of BioMedical Recovery Systems. You can call us at 410-638-2700 or CLICK HERE to send us a contact form to let us know what you need, and well deliver it at your next scheduled service visit.