Healthcare Linens

The laundering and handling of healthcare linens requires special attention. That’s why at BioMedical Recovery Systems, we handle only healthcare linens. We take special care with your healthcare linens, to protect your employees and your patients. We stock a wide range of hospital bed linens, patient and staff wear as well as surgical linen and can custom order linens based on customer request. Read more

Medical Waste Disposal

We are fully compliant with local, state and federal regulations regarding medical waste removal. We are also fully licensed, permitted and insured, and dedicated to providing you with a full service medical waste program, including collection, transfer, and proper disposal. Medical waste removal plans can be customized to your facility’s needs. Read more

BioMedical Recovery Systems, based in Forest Hill, MD specializes in the rental and laundering of hospital bed linens as well as a full range of other healthcare linens. We also provide full service regulated medical waste removal to a variety of medical and healthcare facilities throughout the state of Maryland. We can provide your facility with bed linens and linen rental, or medical waste removal, or both services at a reduced cost.

Founded in 2003, BioMedical Recovery Systems is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare bed linens and medical waste removal at the most competitive pricing. Our linen rental and medical waste disposal services are customized to meet the needs of your facility. Customers can reach us 24 hours a day for their bed linens and medical waste removal needs.

In addition to the linens we have in stock, we will order custom linens based on a customer’s request. Contact us directly to get a quote. Chances are, we can provide better, customized service at a lower cost than your current linen rentals service.
BioMedical Recovery Systems is experienced in the safe transportation and processing of RMW (Regulated Medical Waste) and we have explicit knowledge of the laws governing this material. We service both large and small generators with personal, reliable service that has kept our customers satisfied with our service for years. Contact us today to get friendly, full service medical waste removal services at a competitive price.

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