Medical Document Shredding

Document Shredding

BioMedical Recovery Systems provides document shredding services for medical and healthcare clients throughout Maryland.

Secure Document Shredding of Medical Records

As an added service to our clients, BioMedical Recovery Systems provides secure document shredding of medical records. We are HIPAA compliant, and ensure the safe transport of your documents in a locked shredding bin to our secure warehouse. Once there, we send them through an industrial cross-cut shredder. Our document shredding employees undergo a criminal background check and training to ensure the utmost security in disposing of documents containing protected health information (PHI).

With the advent of electronic medical records (EMR) systems, more and more medical facilities are finding they can comply with state and federal medical record retention requirements without keeping masses of paper records. Or, a medical practice that’s been storing records off site has discovered that it’s cheaper to scan and upload those documents into the EMR system than it is to pay for the storage facility.

Medical Record Retention and Destruction

It is your responsibility as the medical entity to determine if physical medical records may be destroyed. Generally, you will have a written medical record retention policy that has been reviewed by your legal counsel. In most cases, you must retain medical records for 6 years. Medicare managed providers must retain records for 10 years.
You determine if documents may be legally destroyed, either because they have been electronically saved, or they have passed the age of required retention. Then, it is our responsibility to follow HIPAA regulations in the destruction of those documents. We:

Transport documents to our facility in locked shredding bins.
Use an industrial cross-cut shredder.
Provide you with a certificate of destruction
Whatever the reason for your medical records document shredding, we can assist you. We offer two options for medical records shredding:
Ongoing document shredding (monthly, every six months, once a year, etc.)
One-time document shredding (This option might come into play if a practice is closing or a doctor is retiring.)

Certificate of Destruction

When your medical records shredding is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction, documenting:
• When and where the shredding took place
• Who completed the shredding
• Proof that the shredding was HIPAA compliant

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