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Medical Document Shredding FAQS

Check out these FAQs from BioMedical Recovery Systems for the answers.

Do you do document shredding for everyone?

No. We currently only offer medical document shredding for clients in the medical and healthcare industry.

Do you bring a truck to my office parking lot?

No. We currently do all medical document shredding off-site at our secure location in Forest Hill, MD. This prevents your current patients from worrying that you are destroying a document that is important to their care.

If I don’t see you shred the medical records and other medical documents, how do I know you actually did the shredding?

After every instance of medical document shredding, no matter how big or how small, we deliver a certificate of destruction. The certificate details:

What do you mean when you say you are HIPAA compliant?

When it comes to medical document shredding, HIPAA’s privacy rules mandate that the document be completely destroyed. We use locked shredding bins to transport your documents off site. Then, when we arrive at our facility, we feed the documents into an industrial cross-cut shredder. This shreds the documents into small rectangular pieces, rather than the long strips you see with a typical home or office shredder.

Do you also destroy x-rays?

Not at this time

What do you charge for medical document shredding?

That depends. If you bundle your medical document shredding with another of our services, such as medical waste disposal or medical linen services you will get a discounted rate. Pricing also depends on the volume of documents we are shredding, and if this is a one-time bulk shredding or you choose to have ongoing medical document shredding.

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